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New Irrigation Construction
Renovation Irrigation Construction
Certified Irrigation Audits
Custom Design-Build Irrigation Systems
Pumping System, Wetwell & Water Features Installations
Survey Grade GPS As-Builts
Survey Grade Drone Flights & GPR-Sub Surface Surveying
Infrastructure Drainage Systems
Civil Utilities Infrastructure Installations.

EVI International is a leading full-service contracting firm dedicated to enhancing golf courses and their surrounding communities. We deeply value our partnerships with golf course engineers and designers, cultivating strong relationships within the industry. Collaborating closely with architects, club managers, and course superintendents, we meticulously review every detail to ensure our projects align perfectly with the client’s vision.

With a singular focus on irrigation, we concentrate our efforts entirely on delivering superior solutions tailored to alleviate concerns and ensure peak performance for your facility. Our comprehensive turnkey service addresses the intricacies of golf course irrigation, allowing you to manage your facility with confidence.

Backed by a proven track record of excellence nationwide, EVI International is committed to upholding the health, aesthetic appeal, and long-term value of your golf course investment through effective irrigation solutions.

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