EVI International marks a significant milestone in our ongoing journey of EVI, a respected Canadian company with strong roots in Edmonton, AB, and Kamloops, BC, Canada. With a legacy spanning over 37 years, EVI has established itself as a leader in golf course irrigation installations, with a diverse portfolio spanning more than 100 successful projects across various scales and locations.

The establishment of our US office in Spokane, Washington, marks a strategic step in entering the US market, demonstrating our ambition to expand our expertise globally. This initiative not only underscores our dedication to growth but also signifies our acknowledgment as a trusted trading partner with the US, signaling a new chapter in our pursuit of international market leadership.

At the core of EVI International’s offerings lies our specialized focus on golf courses and large-scale irrigation installations, where we have showcased unparalleled expertise and innovation. Our noteworthy projects, such as the 3000 sprinkler head irrigation and drainage system at Mickelson National Golf Club in Calgary, Alberta, and the ambitious 6000 sprinkler head Rain Bird ICI installation in Spokane, Washington, underscore our capability to manage high-profile installations of significant scale.
EVI International’s proficiency extends beyond conventional courses to embrace various terrain types, including mountainous courses like the Cabot St Lucia project in St Lucia, West Indies, rocky coral topography courses like the Torch Cay Resort project near Exuma, Bahamas, and tropical topography courses like the Zapotal Discovery project in Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

We leverage cutting-edge equipment, including GPS machine-controlled trenchers, excavators, directional drills, and vibratory plows, alongside high-accuracy aerial survey drones, enabling us to deliver projects with precision and innovation. Our utilization of ground-penetrating radar systems (GPR) for subsurface surveys further underscores our commitment to excellence and technological advancement in our field.


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EVI specializes in comprehensive golf course watering solutions, addressing each project’s unique needs. With in-house expertise, we excel in all aspects of development, including advanced irrigation systems that minimize disruption and maximize efficiency. Our innovative approach reduces downtime, lowers costs, and ensures peak performance for your investment.

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