Services we provide

New Irrigation Construction
Renovation Irrigation Construction
Certified Irrigation Audits
Custom Design-Build Irrigation Systems
Pumping System, Wetwell & Water Features Installations
Survey Grade GPS As-Builts
Survey Grade Drone Flights & GPR-Sub Surface Surveying
Infrastructure Drainage Systems
Civil Utilities Infrastructure Installations.

EVI is a full service contracting firm capable of providing a broad spectrum of services on your athletic fields, as well as in and around your community.

EVI has an absolute reverence for our partners in the development field, the engineers and designers, whose plans direct and apprise so much of our work. We are most pleased with the commonly respectful connections we have fashioned throughout the years with these professionals. When we take a seat with the architect, manager and superintendent to arrange our work, we audit the whole undertaking through and through, guaranteeing the completed product speaks to the customer’s intended interest group, whether members or the public.

With each undertaking presenting its own unique site, time and design challenges, we work to detail the best conceivable results, and we do this job better than anyone.

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